Log of the year: Nepal.

At the end of the year, here is my log of the year. In October I was able to listen to Radio Nepal from the Himalayan state here in Salzburg on the mediumwave band, a log for which I have spent a lot of time in front of the receiver over the last two years. After the reception, however, the work to get a confirmation from Kathmandu began. As a well-known DXer wrote to me, “”QSL” and “Nepal” in the same sentence are two disjoint things.” After almost two months, I managed to get a reply from a station engineer. “Hi Christoph, it’s our great please to know that our radio station can be listened to in central europe.” With that, my DX year 2020 has come to a successful end. But what are the next goals?

QSL: Radio Mozambique

In March this year, I was able to listen to Radio Mozambique via the transmitter in Inhambane, one of the oldest settlements on the east coast of Mozambique here in Salzburg on mediumwave 1206 kHz with its national anthem. A brief confirmation of the reception arrived today.

“Sim, apareceu com pouca qualidade apenas, mas é”.
Yes, it came only in poor quality, but it is.

That’s something to be happy about!

TWINAX Beverage.

Yesterday I mounted a second Beverage antenna. With 250 meters exactly the same length as mine mounted weeks ago, with the same angle. Identical uprights, identical wire spacing. The big difference is in the feed line. This is now done with a symmetrical TWINAX cable, so the topic of equalizing currents and their interference is completely eliminated. The TWINAX feed line goes directly into the station where it is converted to an asymmetrical coax cable just before the antenna switch. The construction of this antenna is a luxury, but only this way you can compare directly and 1:1 whether this variant receives better.