QSL: KFBX, Fairbanks.

After almost two months, another wonderful confirmation today: KFBX, Fairbanks, Alaska. Heard in January around 18.00 UTC on mediumwave 970 kHz, the confirmation is filed in my QSL folder under “extremely rare in Central Europe”. So now I have received and confirmed 4 medium wave stations from Alaska in Salzburg, the effort of an own beverage antenna towards Alaska was more than worth it.

Shinjan Qazaq Radiosu.

After the beautiful reception of Shinjan Qazaq Radiosu from Bortala on 1233 kHz, I was now able to find another transmitter of this service from Xinjiang. The station is located in Kaba, a county of the Altay administrative district of the Kazakh Autonomous District of Ili in Xinjiang, and could be heard here in Salzburg on 4 March around 16.00 UTC on 1269 kHz.

Thailand, China.

Also today, after the shutdown of Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz after 16.00 UT, the station Thor Or 01 from Bangkok could be heard. In addition, until 18.00 UT, also the Kazakh service from Xinjiang, Shinjan Qazaq Radiosu from Bole, far in the west of Xinjiang on the border with Kazakhstan. Both stations are heard with WinRadio G33 Excalibur, 150 metres Beverage towards Asia.