QSL: Eswatini.

Today I received a special QSL from Africa: Trans World Radio broadcasts from Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, on medium wave 1170 kHz in addition to its shortwave transmissions. However, this frequency is occupied in Central Europe by Radio Capodistria. With my Africa Beverage Antenna and weeks of reception attempts, I actually managed to receive signals from Mpangela Ranch on medium wave on 21 February, 2023.

QSL: DYVS, Philippines.

After the shutdown of Absolute Radio on 1215 kHz and its neighbouring channels, there are always rare stations to be heard there. A few days ago, for example, DYVS, a religious medium-wave station from Bacolod City, the capital and largest city of the province Negros Occidental on Negros, the third largest island of the Philippines. The 10500 km distant station was heard around 2130 UT on 1233 kHz in Salzburg. Today a confirmation of the station arrived at my home. My 4th confirmed medium wave station from the Philippines.