McMurdo Station received.

McMurdo2“Each year, the residents of McMurdo Station, Antarctica celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas Carols to the remote, Antarctic field camps on the HF radio. This year, we are asking ham radio operators (and shortwave listeners) around the world to listen in and e-mail short wave listening reports telling us how far away the carols are heard.” Here in Salzburg reception on 7995 kHz USB was possible a short time around 2340 UTC on my Pacific Beverage and better on the great HFT KNA-6DX MiniWhip antenna. Many thanks Wolf-Dieter Behnke at my A-DX mailinglist who discovered the first signals. The picture of the station was taken at the time of the transmission, visiting Mc Murdo Station Webcam.

Update: I did NOT listening to McMurdo Station: “Sing come through the static for about 30 seconds. This transmission originated from South Pole Station.” A great Christmas gift!