New Mexico!

This week I was able to listen to a very rare station from the US state of New Mexico here in Salzburg on mediumwave. KDKA from Pittsburgh transmits on 1020 kHz and is actually the only station there that can be heard regularly. On 23 October I heard slow Spanish music instead of KDKA and suspected WURN from Florida, but did not follow the weak signal any further. On 27 October the music programme was heard again and Julius Hermans in Holland also listened to the station with his Lowe HF225 receiver and a 1 metre frame. He managed to find a WebSDR receiver in Crowley, Texas – relatively close to New Mexico – playing exactly the same programme on 1020 kHz – and with the help of Paul Crankshaw in Scotland the station was identified as KCKN, Roswell, New Mexico. An impressive achievement by Julius! It was only through his log and recording that I was able to identify the New Mexico station here beyond doubt. Probably one of the first medium-wave receptions from New Mexico in the German-speaking world. Now it’s time to find a contact to the station to verify the reception of the 41st US state on mediumwave here from Salzburg.


October 26, 2021 very nice afternoon signals from the Far East around Japan and Korea in the mediumwave band. Here are my logs from Salzburg:

612 1545 J JOLK NHK Radio 1, Fukuoka 9029 km
747 1540 J JOIB NHK Radio 2, Sapporo/Ebetsu 8712 km
774 1540 J JOUB NHK Radio 2, Akita 8931 km
828 1540 J JOBB NHK Radio 2, Osaka/Habikino 9214 km
1134 1530 KOR HLKC KBS 3 Radio, Hwaseong 8502 km
1143 1610 KOR Radio Free Korea, Deogyang-gu/Hyeoncheon-dong 8473 km
1206 1530 CHN Yeonbyeon Joseonmal Bangsong, Yanji/Longjing 8165 km
1224 1600 J JOJK NHK Radio 1, Kanazawa 9086 km
1242 1545 J JOLF NBS Nippon Hoso, Tokyo/Kisarazu 9359 km
1278 1550 J JOFR RKB Mainichi Hoso, Fukuoka 9015 km

Received with G33 Excalibur PRO/CSO, 20 meter loop with Bonito ML052 amplifier.

New LTE router/antenna.

My new LTE router/antenna from MikroTik is installed, runs perfectly, nothing to add to the product description! The Internet connection now achieves PINGs of 20 milliseconds instead of 110 milliseconds and a multiple speed. MikroTik: Do you want high-speed Internet in the middle of nowhere? Then you want our newest LHGG LTE6 kit! It is a device for “last mile” Internet access in very remote locations. Mount it outdoors, on a pole, mast, or any tall structure, and connect even where cell phones fail. Due to its large high-gain 17 dBi antenna, the LHGG LTE6 kit can connect to cell towers in extreme rural locations, giving you the ability to provide last mile internet access where nothing else is available.