Technical Description

Short description of the remote station:

The station is located in the northern part of the State Salzbug near some lakes.

The following devices can be remotely accessed:

  • 2 SDR-receiver: RF-Space NetSDR, WinRadio Excalibur PRO
  • 2 PC (SDR server)
  • UMTS router
  • 3 antennas – can be divided among 2 receivers
  • heating – to warm the place up in winter
  • 4 analog output lines or 8 digital input lines to select from for special functions (antennas)

Above mentioned devices can be controlled via a small server which provides all the necessary relay outputs and inputs, as well as analog ports. The server can be contacted by webbrowser or smartphone. We deliberately did not use a PC because these are always susceptible to fault and need a lot of maintenance.

SDRs either have an ethernet-interface or use an additional computer with server functions.

The WAN connection (internet) is divided into 4 ports through a router (gateway & ethernet switch) – 1 port is used by the mini-server, the other 3 ports can be used by SDRs.

All electronics can be found in two switch control boxes – one of the boxes is there to distribute electricity and secure electrical circuits, the second box is home to everything concerned with controls.

I built all this into a 10-feet-container. On two desks there is enough space for all my radios and additional devices.

1 thought on “Technical Description

  1. Sound great. Do you have some pictures and overview diagrams of your remote Station?
    Manfred Marunge Hamburg


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