Technical Description

Short description of the remote station:

The station is located in the northern part of the State Salzbug near some lakes.

The following devices can be remotely accessed:

  • 2 SDR-receiver: RF-Space NetSDR, WinRadio Excalibur PRO
  • 2 PC (SDR server)
  • UMTS router
  • 3 antennas – can be divided among 2 receivers
  • heating – to warm the place up in winter
  • 4 analog output lines or 8 digital input lines to select from for special functions (antennas)

Above mentioned devices can be controlled via a small server which provides all the necessary relay outputs and inputs, as well as analog ports. The server can be contacted by webbrowser or smartphone. We deliberately did not use a PC because these are always susceptible to fault and need a lot of maintenance.

SDRs either have an ethernet-interface or use an additional computer with server functions.

The WAN connection (internet) is divided into 4 ports through a router (gateway & ethernet switch) – 1 port is used by the mini-server, the other 3 ports can be used by SDRs.

All electronics can be found in two switch control boxes – one of the boxes is there to distribute electricity and secure electrical circuits, the second box is home to everything concerned with controls.

I built all this into a 10-feet-container. On two desks there is enough space for all my radios and additional devices.

One thought on “Technical Description

  1. Sound great. Do you have some pictures and overview diagrams of your remote Station?
    Manfred Marunge Hamburg

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