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Christoph Ratzer / Postfach 23 / 5440 Golling / Austria-Europe.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Nothing new under the sun, have also a receiving site shared with other om at a former cable-tv head-end in the eastern part of switzerland. operating some perseus, net-sdr and R&S-receivers, antennas are a logper on a 15m-tower, some active loops by wellbrook and a longwire. You will never ever switch on your receiver at your noisy home environment after listening on a remote site. congrats for your work, I know what this means…


  2. Looking for Software for your Rohde & Schwarz EK-890 or the XK2000-Family? see http://www.n4py.com, complete remote control also via TCP/IP available for download there! Easy integration of R&S-equipment into any amateur radio station environment is easy, e.g. combine your EK-890 with a perseus as panadaptor or several other SDR-receivers.


  3. Hi Christoph,
    Nice Blog and congratulation for Your MW DX.
    Best Regards,
    Lio, IZ2BKO
    Garda Lake – Italy
    2 x Perseus via Mini Dipole 36:1 MT


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