MW-Logs 28.11.22

After finding my interference in the medium wave band and not being active most of the time here again some logs from today. Asia and Africa can be heard well in the afternoon and early evening, the last days overall not a bad time to listen to medium wave.

594 1905 NIG Radio Nigeria, Kaduna/Jaji (kdn) 4157 km
846 1530 IND AIR West, Ahmedabad A (GJ) 5898 km
891 1535 THA Sor. Wor. Thor. (Radio Thailand), Saraburi (srb) 8673 km
917 1900 NIG Radio Gotel, Jabura/Modire (adw) 4294 km
918 1900 NIG Radio Benue, Makurdi (bnu) 4492 km
918 1545 IND AIR North, Suratgarh (RJ) 5518 km
972 1550 KOR HLCA KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, Dangjin (ccg) 8514 km
1026 1555 IRN IRIB Radio Tabriz, Azarshahr (eaz) 2867 km
1071 1557 IRN IRIB Radio Ma’aref, Qom=Kum (qom) 3436 km
1143 1500 TWN Taiwan Chü Yuyeh Kuangpo Tientai, Baisha (PG) 9224 km
1206 1545 CHN Yeonbyeon Joseonmal Bangsong, Yanji/Longjing (JL) 8165 km
1206 1530 IND AIR East, Bhawanipatna (OR) 6905 km
1233 1515 CHN Shinjan Qazaq Radiosu/CNR 17, Bortala/XJTS762 (XJ) 5125 km
1341 1505 PAK Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur (pjb) 5344 km
1368 1500 IRN IRIB Radio Golestan, Gonbad-e Qabus (gsn) 3588 km
1431 1530 DJI Voice of America, Djibouti/Doraleh (djb) 4911 km
1449 1530 IRN IRIB World Service, Bandar-e Torkaman (gsn) 3533 km
1467 1530 KGZ TWR PANI, Krasnaya Rechka (cuy) 4738 km
1512 1530 IRN IRIB Radio Ardabil, Ardabil (ard) 3016 km
1521 1500 CHN China Radio International, Hutubi/NRTA654 (XJ) 5492 km
1539 1530 IRN IRIB Radio Golestan, Gorgan (gsn) 3565 km
1548 1500 KWT Radio Sawa, Al-Kuwayt/Umm al-Rimam (jah) 3590 km
1557 1500 TWN Radio Taiwan International Chinese Channel, Kouhu (YL) 9270 km
1566 1515 IRN IRIB Radio Iran, Bam (krm) 4384 km
1575 1530 THA Voice of America, Ban Phachi/Rasom (pay) 8657 km

WinRadio G33/CSO
Asia: K9AY, 25 mt Loop 
Africa: 200 mt Beverage

QRM Search

The picture shows the monitoring bus with my 200 Meter USA/Africa Beverage.

Today I was at my station with two officials from the Salzburg telecommunications office to find my interference in the medium wave and 160 meter amateur radio bands. They examined in detail what I was receiving and how and then the measuring bus, equipped with the very best Rohde&Schwarz equipment, drove around the area for a long time. 

After some time, I got the call – they actually found the interference far away in a westerly direction, a defective (but high-quality) surveillance camera that had been in use for 10 years and – presumably the power supply – was now causing this interference under load. I was at my station when the fault suddenly disappeared. Score. The owner will hopefully replace everything as soon as possible.

It was great how competently and quickly I was helped by the Austrian Radio Monitoring. Many thanks for that!