Cambodia, 918 kHz.

Radio National Kampuchea can sometimes be heard from the station in Phnom Penh – Kandal Stueng after 22.00 UT under interference on the mediumwave 918 kHz. September 21, the station announcement at 21.58 UT at the beginning of the transmission was easy to follow here in Salzburg. WinRadio G33 Excaibur PRO/CSO, 100 mt. Beverage.

Polish balloon experiment on 14.2 kHz

The operator of the Polish balloon experiment on 14.2 kHz on September 12, 2020 replied today to the screenshot of my reception experiment. As Tomasz A. Miś from the Babice Transatlantic Radio Station explained, the radiation pattern of the antenna changed due to the changing distance between the radiator and the conducting plane, furthermore the gain in height also played a big role for reception – at the moment it looks very promising and yes, that is most likely the balloon. Again a nice example of how we amateurs with our limited possibilities today can receive and display even the smallest signals. The proHFT KNA-6DX Whip antenna has once again excelled itself.