In mid-January, after setting up my own beverage antenna in the direction of Alaska, I was able to hear and also confirm two very rare stations. KNOM from Nome on 780 kHz and KNSA from Unalakleet on 930 kHz, both located on the Norton Sound near the Bering Strait, could be heard for a few minutes here in Salzburg. KNSA confirmed the reception by email, KNOM also sent a printed QSL card to my mailbox. Both stations are presumably the first time they have been received in Central Europe, so I am very happy about that.

QSL: DX-Test WCPH, Tennessee

On January 2, 2021, the Courtesy Program Committee of the two American clubs, NRC and IRCA, hosted a DX test over WCPH, Etowah from Tennessee. The station used 1,000 watts of transmit power instead of the otherwise virtually inaudible 100 watts, and transmitted somewhat easier to hear details such as CW signals and test tones. Today I received this rare QSL card for reception in Salzburg. Thanks to Les Rayburn, Paul Walker and Joe Miller for this rare reception opportunity and acknowledgement.


Very nice signals from Africa in the medium wave band last night.
Outstanding were the first two receptions of Radio Jigawa from Nigeria and Emissor Provincial de Manica from Mozambique.

594 1545 IND AIR Maitree Channel/All India Radio GOS, Chinsurah/Magra (WB) 7057 km
684 1558 IRN IRIB Sedaye Khorasan-e Razavi, Mashhad/Gaem (rkh) 3966 km
765 1830 SDN SRTC Al-Barnameg al-Aam, Khartoum/Soba (kha) 4029 km
837 1610 IRN IRIB Radio Esfahan, Esfahan/Habibabad (esf) 3633 km
846 1621 IND AIR West, Ahmedabad A (GJ) 5898 km
846 1615 IRN IRIB Radio Tabriz, Mianeh (eaz) 3030 km
917 1800 NIG Radio Gotel, Jabura/Modire (Auf dem Weg!) 4294 km
927 1635 IRN IRIB Radio Lorestan, Dorud (lrn) 3396 km
972 1645 KOR HLCA KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, Dangjin (ccg) 8514 km
1026 2100 NIG Radio Jigawa, Dutse (jgw) 4035 km
1026 2202 MOZ Emissor Provincial de Manica, Chimoio (mca) 7720 km
1026 1650 IRN IRIB Radio Tabriz, Azarshahr (eaz) 2867 km
1206 1653 IND AIR East, Bhawanipatna (OR) 6905 km
1242 1600 VTN Voice of Vietnam, (Station VN2) (cnt) 9360 km
1377 2045 TZA Radio Free Africa, Mwanza (mwz) 5937 km
1431 2059 DJI Voice of America, Djibouti/Doraleh (djb) 4911 km

WinRadio G33 Excalibur PRO/CSO

Beverage Array 2×250 mt. > 335° USA
Beverage 250 mt. > 145° Ost-Afrika
Beverage 150 mt. >  70° Asien
20 mt. Loop – Bonito ML052
Stampfl-Fenu Aktivdipol
KNA-6DX Whip