MW-Logs 29.4 – 1.5.2023

One nice log each from Africa, both Magic 828 from South Africa and even rarer Radio Lesotho on 639 kHz. Lesotho is difficult to separate by the Spaniard on the same frequency, but quite listenable around 22- 00 UT with patience.

Very nice signals from South America, but always very short between 0315 – 0330 UT, but sometimes with really good signal strengths like Radio Campesina from the Andean city of Cajamarca at 2750 metres. Radio Moderna from Cajamarca could also be heard, whose station was even two kilometres further away at 10715 kilometres.

Before the beverage antenna has to be dismantled in a few days, logs like these are a reward for all the work at the station.

639 0005 LSO Radio Lesotho, Maseru/Lancer’s Gap (msr) 8709 km
1100 0320 PRU Radio Dios es Amor, Chiclayo (lam) 10777 km
1140 0325 PRU RPP Noticias, Pilcomayo (jun) 10883 km
1160 0330 PRU Radio Onda Cero, Lima (lim) 11021 km
1280 0330 PRU Radio Moderna, Cajamarca (caj) 10715 km
1380 0330 PRU Radio Campesina, Cajamarca (caj) 10713 km
1470 0330 PRU Radio MegaMix, Lima/Pantanos de Villa (lim) 11015 km
1500 0324 PRU Radio Santa Rosa, Lima/San Miguel (lim) 11010 km
1500 0330 PRU Radio Santa Rosa, Lima/San Miguel (lim) 11010 km
1510 0315 EQA Radio Monumental, Quito (pic) 10134 km
1570 0315 PRU Bethel Radio, Lima (lim) 10996 km

828 2245 AFS Magic 828, Klipheuwel 9093 km
920 0323 PRU Radio Vision, Chota (caj) 10675 km
1100 0328 PRU Radio Dios es Amor, Chiclayo (lam) 10777 km
1140 0330 PRU RPP Noticias, Pilcomayo (jun) 10883 km
1160 0327 PRU Radio Onda Cero, Lima (lim) 11021 km
1210 0325 PRU Radio Dios es Amor, Huanuco (huc) 10767 km
1280 0323 PRU Radio Moderna, Cajamarca (caj) 10715 km
1350 0330 PRU Radio Vision, Ferrenafe (lam) 10767 km
1380 0330 PRU Radio Campesina, Cajamarca (caj) 10713 km
1430 0325 PRU Radio Vision, Jaen (caj) 10604 km
1440 0328 PRU Radio Imperial 2, Lima/Cerro Papa (lim) 11011 km

WinRadio G33DDC-ExcaliburPro/CSO, Beverage 200 mt. USA 335°, Afrika 165°. MUX-10-C Splitter from DL4ZAO.

QSL: Eswatini.

Today I received a special QSL from Africa: Trans World Radio broadcasts from Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, on medium wave 1170 kHz in addition to its shortwave transmissions. However, this frequency is occupied in Central Europe by Radio Capodistria. With my Africa Beverage Antenna and weeks of reception attempts, I actually managed to receive signals from Mpangela Ranch on medium wave on 21 February, 2023.


On 2 February, the signals from Asia and the first signals from Canada were very weak, often a sign for me that Africa could be doing well. Moreover, it was Thursday, so the Sirtaki stations from Greece, which were in almost the same direction of reception, were less active. 

And indeed, around 22 UT, I was rewarded with a terrific opening into Southern Africa. Due to my beverage antenna which listens in the direction of 165° to Africa, European stations can be faded out well. For example, on 828 kHz BBC Asian Network from Wolferhampton is broadcasting with its 200 Watt transmitter and can be heard loudly here. By switching the antenna towards Africa, the BBC could no longer be heard, but the Magic 828 announcement from South Africa could. After 2145 UT I could hear Emissor Provincial de Inhambane from Mozambique on 1206 kHz in a quality never received before. The national anthem of Mozambique could then be heard at 22h UT after a precise search on five other frequencies. The stations from Sofala, Tete, Manica, and Niassa have certainly not been heard often in Europe, Emissor Provincial de Cabo Delgado I could already hear in Salzburg.

828 2230 AFS Magic 828, Klipheuwel/Blaauw Blomme Kloof Farm (WC) 9093 km
873 2202 MOZ Emissor Provincial de Sofala, Beira (sfl) 7811 km
963 2203 MOZ Emissor Provincial de Tete, Tete (tte) 7409 km
1026 2203 MOZ Emissor Provincial de Manica, Chimoio (mca) 7720 km
1206 2145 MOZ Emissor Provincial de Inhambane, Inhambane (ihb) 8294 km
1224 2202 MOZ Emissor Provincial de Cabo Delgado, Pemba (cbg) 7296 km
1260 2202 MOZ Emissor Provincial do Niassa, Lichinga (nia) 7155 km

For such moments, the work with the antennas and the station is worthwhile and a motivation for the whole year!

WinRadio G33DDC-ExcaliburPro/CSO, NetSDR, 
Beverage 200 mt. USA 335°, Africa 165°. 3xSplitter

MW-Logs, 17.01.23

The last day were quite nice signals to hear, even if everything is concentrated with few exceptions on the East Coast.

1130 0100 USA WBBR, New York (NY) 6592 km
1140 0100 CAN CBI, Sydney (NS) 5344 km
1200 0100 USA WXKS, Newton (MA) 6304 km
1270 0100 CAN CJCB, Sydney (NS) 5336 km
1290 0100 USA WKBK, Keene (NH) 6333 km
1320 0100 CAN CJMR, Oakville (ON) 6769 km
1400 0100 CAN CBG, Gander (NL) 4824 km
1430 0100 CAN CHKT, Toronto Island (ON) 6735 km
1500 0100 USA WFED, Washington (DC) 6915 km
1510 0100 USA WLAC, Nashville (TN) 7750 km
1520 0100 USA WWKB, Buffalo (NY) 6762 km
1580 0100 CAN CKDO, Oshawa (ON) 6679 km
1600 0100 USA WUNR, Brookline (MA) 6304 km
1610 0102 CAN CHHA, Toronto (ON) 6731 km
1620 0100 CUB Radio Rebelde, Guanabacoa (ch) 8504 km
1650 0100 USA WJFV, Portsmouth (VA) 7028 km
1650 0100 CAN CINA, Mississauga (ON) 6750 km
1660 0100 USA WWRU, Jersey City (D) (NJ) 6593 km
1670 0100 USA WMGE, Dry Branch (GA) 7819 km
1690 0100 USA WPTX, Lexington Park (MD) 6938 km

WinRadio G33DDC-ExcaliburPro/CSO, Beverage 200 mt. USA 335°, Africa 165°.

Stream Deck!

I control the antennas of my receiving station via the Internet. This is possible with a web browser, but also much more elegantly with the small Stream Deck from Elgato. Mike Müller from has programmed the appropriate extension for this, in the current version also with a status display. So I can now operate my RemoteQTH antenna switch simply by pressing a button and within a second I also get the feedback – and the corresponding button lights up. A wonderful solution, with a lot of invisible work in the background.

Thank you DM5XX Michael Müller, very good work!

QRM Search

The picture shows the monitoring bus with my 200 Meter USA/Africa Beverage.

Today I was at my station with two officials from the Salzburg telecommunications office to find my interference in the medium wave and 160 meter amateur radio bands. They examined in detail what I was receiving and how and then the measuring bus, equipped with the very best Rohde&Schwarz equipment, drove around the area for a long time. 

After some time, I got the call – they actually found the interference far away in a westerly direction, a defective (but high-quality) surveillance camera that had been in use for 10 years and – presumably the power supply – was now causing this interference under load. I was at my station when the fault suddenly disappeared. Score. The owner will hopefully replace everything as soon as possible.

It was great how competently and quickly I was helped by the Austrian Radio Monitoring. Many thanks for that!