MW Log: Ayutthaya, Thailand


1575 kHz, Voice of America, Ayutthaya, central khmer program, 1415 UT, 22.11.2014


Nils Schiffhauer: Monitoring with TitanSDR


There are different strategies of monitoring. A rather new one at a price class available to hobbyists, is provided by TitanSDR. This software-defined receiver cover 9 kHz to 32 MHz in up to four wide bands, where you can place up to 40 narrowband channels. Each channel can be recorded, either automatically by an individual schedule for each channel, or manually. This offers new perspectives to monitoring. You can e.g. monitor the activity of four aero or maritime bands in parallel. Nils, DK8OK, has written a 25-pager (PDF), giving some real-world examples of how to use these features. It also contains 44 screenshots plus a few audio examples which you can listen to with the most recent PDF reader. Free Download: