Logs: Mexico!

This morning, December 26, 2022, nice signals from Mexico could be heard for a short time in the medium wave band:

1230 0630 MEX XETVH La Radio de Tabasco, Villahermosa (tab)  9668 km
1320 0640 MEX XEARZ ZER Radio, Mexico D.F. (dif)  9955 km
1380 0645 MEX XECO Romantica, Mexico D.F/Barrio Zapotla (dif)  9957 km
1470 0640 MEX XEAI Formula 1470, Mexico D.F/Granjas Esmeralda (dif)  9961 km
1500 0644 MEX XEDF Formula 1500, Mexico D.F/Aculco (dif)  9957 km

WinRadio G33DDC-ExcaliburPro/CSO, Beverage 200 mt.

New: hamparts.shop

Jan Šustr “RemoteQTH / qro.cz” has opened his new website hamparts.shop today.

There you can not only buy the products, but also find very good and understandable explanations on how his products work, such as antenna boxes, distributors and controllers. I have been using his products for years, they are perfect in terms of technology and price. Definitely have a look!


Stream Deck!

I control the antennas of my receiving station via the Internet. This is possible with a web browser, but also much more elegantly with the small Stream Deck from Elgato. Mike Müller from Remoteswitch.de has programmed the appropriate extension for this, in the current version also with a status display. So I can now operate my RemoteQTH antenna switch simply by pressing a button and within a second I also get the feedback – and the corresponding button lights up. A wonderful solution, with a lot of invisible work in the background.

Thank you DM5XX Michael Müller, very good work!