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DXer since 1981, OE2CRM;


First good autumn signals from India in Salzburg, September 08, 2018.

747 1737 IND AIR North, Lucknow A (UP) 6224 km
774 1715 IND AIR North, Shimla (HP) 5632 km
819 1718 IND AIR Indraprastha Channel, Delhi A (DL) 5796 km
846 1718 IND AIR West, Ahmedabad A (GJ) 5898 km
846 0030 IND AIR West, Ahmedabad A (GJ) 5898 km
873 0030 IND AIR North, Jalandhar B (PB) 5527 km
918 1720 IND AIR North, Suratgarh (RJ) 5518 km
918 0030 IND AIR North, Suratgarh (RJ) 5518 km
954 0030 IND AIR North, Najibabad (UP) 5828 km
990 1731 IND AIR North, Jammu A (JK) 5344 km
1116 0030 IND AIR North/AIR Radio Kashmir, Srinagar A (JK) 5245 km
1206 0030 IND AIR East, Bhawanipatna (OR) 6905 km

RX: WinRadio Excalibur PRO, CSO
ANT: Optimized Delta, 15 mt. & PreAmp.

Megadipol MD300DX.

New summer antenna: NTI/Bonito Megadipol MD300DX. Bonito: The dipole reacts to the electrical component (E-Field) of the electromagnetic field and will deliver best results regarding signal strength and SNR (signal -to-noise-ratio) at locations with little or no locally generated interference. Installed now as L-Shape Dipol. Signal strength is only around one S-Meter level lower compared with the 20 mt. Loop / Bonito ML052 amplifier. But static QRN is lower with good grounding. An excellent choice in a quiet environment.