1360 0300 PRU OCU4I Radio Bienestar, Lima (lim) 11006 km
1380 0258 PRU OCY4U Radio Nuevo Tiempo, Lima (lim) 10959 km
1400 0250 PRU OBX4W Ecco Radio, Lima (lim) 11017 km
1440 0255 PRU OAX4K Radio Imperial 2, Lima/Cerro Papa (lim) 11011 km
1470 0300 PRU OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima/Pantanos de Villa (lim 11015 km
1500 0250 PRU OBX4I Radio Santa Rosa, Lima/San Miguel (lim) 11010 km
1540 0255 PRU OCU2X Radio Turbo Mix, Cajamarca (caj) 10710 km
1570 0255 PRU OCU4J Radio Bethel, Lima (lim) 10996 km
All logs: June 7, 2017, WinRadio G33 Excalibur PRO, 78 mt Hari Windom.


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