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The picture shows the monitoring bus with my 200 Meter USA/Africa Beverage.

Today I was at my station with two officials from the Salzburg telecommunications office to find my interference in the medium wave and 160 meter amateur radio bands. They examined in detail what I was receiving and how and then the measuring bus, equipped with the very best Rohde&Schwarz equipment, drove around the area for a long time. 

After some time, I got the call – they actually found the interference far away in a westerly direction, a defective (but high-quality) surveillance camera that had been in use for 10 years and – presumably the power supply – was now causing this interference under load. I was at my station when the fault suddenly disappeared. Score. The owner will hopefully replace everything as soon as possible.

It was great how competently and quickly I was helped by the Austrian Radio Monitoring. Many thanks for that!