Radio DX – Norfolk Island

Yesterday’s Radio DX from Norfolk Island test broadcast on January 14, 2023, was a challenge for man and machine. Nick got up especially at 0415 local time on Norfolk to broadcast from 1630-1830 UT with only 200 watt in the tropical band on 5.045 kHz. The signal was visible from the start of transmission here in Salzburg, first audio signal just before sunrise, the “sunrise enhancement” of the ionosphere exactly at sunrise in Norfolk just after 1800 UT worked perfectly. Although the signal from the Pacific island 16,998 km away could be heard at most with S3, it may have been close to the optimum for the transmission path. The test transmission ended at 1827 UT, and three minutes later the morning program from Vanuatu, exactly 1,000 km closer, began on the adjacent channel 5040 kHz, transmitted via the 2 kW transmitter in Port Vila. This signal from the Pacific was heard with S7 in Salzburg, the best reception this winter.

I listened to both signals on WinRadio G33 Excalibur PRO SDR on my 25 mt. K9AY antenna with technology from RemoteQTH –

A big thank you to Nick Hacko VK9DX for doing this test broadcast for Europe, to hear a shortwave broadcast station from Norfolk Island in Central Europe is a rare experience.


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