Radio DX – Norfolk Island

Nick, VK9DX, is currently on Norfolk Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean that belongs to Australia. In addition to his amateur radio activities, Nick holds a broadcast license to operate a radio station on 5,045 kHz in the tropical band since 2022.

So far there have been three test transmissions on local evening on Norfolk, another is today, Friday around 0730/0830 UT. Very difficult to receive for Europe as already too far in daylight. I made Nick the suggestion of a test transmission for European DXers, the reception window between 17-20 UT would be very favorable now at the turn of the year, the broadcast stations of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu rarely but still to be heard on 5 MHz.

And indeed, in the coming days, probably Sunday or Monday – while Nick is still on the island – there will be a short test broadcast between 16.30 – 18.30 UT from Norfolk!

An extremely rare opportunity to hear RadioDX from the Pacific in Europe.


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