MW-Logs: Peru.

On 8 May 2022, excellent signals from Peru could be heard in Salzburg at sunrise. One of the rare band openings this spring that brought well audible medium wave signals.

1240 0323 PRU Radio Cumbre, Huancayo/Chilca (jun) 10872 km
1360 0325 PRU Radio Sicuani, Sicuani (cus) 10768 km
1380 0330 PRU Radio Campesina, Cajamarca (caj) 10713 km
1430 0324 PRU RPP Noticias, Checca (cus) 10790 km
1470 0331 PRU Radio Victoria Arequipa, Arequipa (are) 10959 km
1470 0315 PRU Radio La Mega, Lima/Pantanos de Villa (lim) 11015 km
1490 0330 PRU Radio Dios es Amor Cusco (Cadena Sur del Perú), (cus) 10754 km
1500 0330 PRU Radio Santa Rosa, Lima/San Miguel (lim) 11010 km
1540 0340 PRU Radio Lorena, Cusco (cus) 10754 km
1560 0338 BOL Radio Luz del Mundo, La Paz (lpz) 10723 km
1570 0331 PRU Radio Carráviz, Juliaca (pun) 10802 km

In addition to these logs, the following could be heard: 1500.017 kHz – possibly Dios es Amor from Huancayo and 1590 possibly the new station Radio Checca from Cusco province. From Bolivia – LaPaz, Bendita Trinidad was heard on 1540 kHz, also a very rare guest this season.

WinRadio G33/CSO, K9AY 25 mt.


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