New Mexico!

This week I was able to listen to a very rare station from the US state of New Mexico here in Salzburg on mediumwave. KDKA from Pittsburgh transmits on 1020 kHz and is actually the only station there that can be heard regularly. On 23 October I heard slow Spanish music instead of KDKA and suspected WURN from Florida, but did not follow the weak signal any further. On 27 October the music programme was heard again and Julius Hermans in Holland also listened to the station with his Lowe HF225 receiver and a 1 metre frame. He managed to find a WebSDR receiver in Crowley, Texas – relatively close to New Mexico – playing exactly the same programme on 1020 kHz – and with the help of Paul Crankshaw in Scotland the station was identified as KCKN, Roswell, New Mexico. An impressive achievement by Julius! It was only through his log and recording that I was able to identify the New Mexico station here beyond doubt. Probably one of the first medium-wave receptions from New Mexico in the German-speaking world. Now it’s time to find a contact to the station to verify the reception of the 41st US state on mediumwave here from Salzburg.

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