World Music Radio

World Music Radio is asking its listeners for support – and for this, a donation of 25 Euros or more will get you a real WMR mousepad. (And maybe a nice pennant) World Music Radio (WMR) broadcasts on 5840 and 15805 kHz since 2018. Soon it will be broadcast on 927 kHz. And Radio208 has been broadcasting on 1440 kHz since December 2019 and on shortwave 5805 kHz since May 2020. It took a lot of time, energy and money – but it was and still is great fun to keep the short and medium wave alive.The costs for the transmitters (around 15,000 euros), the antennas and the transmitter locations are one thing. Another thing are the running costs. The two big expenses are:
Royalties for music: 450 Euro per month
Electricity costs: 1.300 Euro per month
If you could help to keep WMR and Radio208 on air, we would be very grateful for your support. All contributions are welcome. For more information, contact Stig Hartvig Nielsen – shn “at”

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