Small Dutch Stations.

If the American doesn’t want to cross the Atlantic, there are plenty of other specialties on the medium wave, such as small Dutch stations. A perfect piece of information about QRGs and QTH can be found here:

May 1, 2020.

675 0400 HOL Radio Calypso, Oostwold (gro) 723 km
747 0415 HOL Radio Vrij Zwolle, Zwolle (ove) 710 km
846 0331 HOL Album AM, Uden (nbr) 676 km
1008 0442 HOL Radio Babylona, Musselkanaal (gro) 702 km
1224 0431 HOL Amplivier Radio, Damwâld (fri) 777 km
1287 0402 HOL Kilrock Radio, ‘s-Gravendeel (zho) 741 km
1395 0400 HOL Loostad Radio, Apeldoorn (gel) 696 km
1566 0400 HOL Vahon Hindustani Radio, Den Haag/Leidschenveen (zho) 770 km

WinRadio G33 Excalibur PRO/CSO, Beverage 100 mt > NL


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