MW-Logs 25.2.17


693 1600 BGD Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka A/Dhamrai (dha)7126 km
747 1600 IND AIR North, Lucknow A (UP)6224 km
819 1545 IND AIR Indraprastha Channel, Delhi A (DL)5796 km
918 1544 IND AIR North, Suratgarh (RJ)5518 km
990 1545 IND AIR North, Jammu A (JK)5344 km
1026 1530 IRN IRIB Radio Tabriz, Azarshahr (eaz)2867 km
1071 1530 IND All India Radio GOS, Rajkot (GJ)5771 km
1260 1545 PAK PBC Radio Pakistan, Peshawar (kpk)5024 km
1359 1600 CHN CNR 1, Tacheng=Qoqek/SARFT634 (XJ)5086 km
1557 1545 TWN RTI iLoveMusic 1557/Radio Taiwan Int., Kouhu (YL)9270 km
1566 1558 KOR HLAZ FEBC, Jeju=Cheju (jej)8802 km
WinRadio G33 Excalibur PRO/CSO, 100 mt. Beverage > Asia.

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