Logs: India – Independence Day

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-15 um 12.00.54


2015-08-15 0025 4810 IND AIR West, Bhopal (MP)
2015-08-15 0025 4880 IND AIR North, Lucknow (UP)
2015-08-15 0025 4910 IND AIR North, Jaipur (RJ)
2015-08-15 0025 4970 IND AIR Northeast, Shillong/Mawjrong (ML)
2015-08-15 0025 5040 IND AIR East, Jeypore (OR)
2015-08-15 0030 5010 IND AIR South, Thiruvananthapuram (KL)
2015-08-1500404800INDAIR South, Hyderabad (AP)
2015-08-15 0045 6110 IND Radio Kashmir, Srinagar (JK)
All Logs via CSVUserlistBrowser.
Remote-RX: WinRadio Excalibur PRO, RF Space NetSDR-OCXO,
ANT: Hari 78 mt. Windom,  HFT KNA-6DX Mini Whip.

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